Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Stickmen of Arosa

I've been writing down ideas for a world (toying with calling it The Broken Earth) in which I would like to run a DCC campaign or two (maybe one for the kids and another for a group). The binder is getting full and I wanted to start to get something out here in case folks have ideas/feedback/etc.

There will be no particular order - for example, this one is one of the more recent jottings...

The Stickmen of Arosa

  • Think tiny ents, though more humanish than tree...
    • Each wudj, or individual, is a short, thin humanoid with narrow shoulders, long limbs, long, thin fingers and knee joints that are reverse of most bipedal creatures.
    • The skin of the wudj is bark-like, though more soft and flexible/pliable.
    • Nobody knows if there are males or females or how they reproduce.
    • Each brundle is made up of 10 – 40 wudj.
    • Each brundle of wudj is essentially a kind of hive-mind of a single tree.
    • Each wudj "worships" the tree with which it is associated.
    • All wudj of a brundle form a kind of commune.
    • Wudj warriors carry long sharpened sticks, the equivalent of spears.
      • some carry one in each hand, two-weapon fighting.
    • The specific coloring and look of a brundle is determined by the species of tree the brundle "worships".
Even here you can see how I have some ideas still being worked through. For example, is it a hive mind, a commune, or worship...or something that somehow blends the three?

In this case, I've even asked my nephew to throw some drawings together based on the above. We'll see...

(As a side note, I originally wrote most of this post around Christmas but the holidays then got in the way of finishing.)

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