Friday, July 19, 2013

GaryCon V - Day 5

The last day is tough. I have to say goodbye to a lot of folks I’d rather hang out with, at the very least, for just a little bit longer. I have to pack up everything and load the car…including all the crap my kids have brought. While all that is going on, the kids still want to play.

This year, Mark Clover was running a minis battle on Sunday morning. We chased the kids out of bed early, got everything packed in the car, then returned to the convention to kill some things.

It was a fairly simple game and the kids have played in similar events at Chicago Game Day at GamesPlus.
So now I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures of the kids and I playing…because, really, what is more rewarding that showing kids getting into gaming? SIGPUP!

It was a fun game, though I was exhausted. When time ran out, we counted ships and figures and we were within a point or two of each other…so we called it a draw.

After, we said a few more thanks and a few more goodbyes, and then it was the long 50 minutes drive home. Heh.

And just for the heck of it, some other miscellaneous pictures of kids at play…

By the that last picture, the young man on the left in the black shirt (who is a bit blurry in the picture) is the one who joined in our Night of The Walking Wet game the night before!

Only 8 more months until we, I hope, all gather in Lake Geneva again. I'll have to fill the time by starting to plan for GenCon 2013!

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  1. Your kids are some of the best gamers I know!