Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Well, to be honest, this was one of my fears about funding The Great Kingdom.

If you try to find the project on Kickstarter...ya know, just to see how things are'll get this message. You can send a message to the project creator, but given the situation, I'm not even sure how they can respond.

Because this apparently just happened. And according to that court document - go on, read it, it's pretty interesting:

"IT IS ORDERED that Defendants (the producers of The Great Kingdom) are hereby enjoined from having any contact , for any purpose, with any of the parties or persons who were previously involved in the D&D Production film and from in any manner advertising the film The Great Kingdom or making efforts to solicit funding for such film or any film on the subject of Dungeons and Dragons pending further order of this court."

I'll preface the rest of this by pointing out I am not a take the rest with a boulder of salt. The threshold to allow for this kind of order is not overwhelmingly difficult. Like most things in the court system, in this preliminary stage you just kind of have to show that there is even a possibility that something the defendant did might cause harm to the plaintiff. But if the accusations in that order are born out..well, what an ugly situation.

I do so hope that Kickstarter funds are not now going to be used to defend against this court action.

You can commence with berating and condescending pointing of digits in my general direction. I told you so's will have to wait a bit...

NOTE: Hat Tip to Zachary Houghton for the news.



  2. We're talking about all this in the new facebook group created by Victoria Ricks Perren here:

    Everyone's welcome. Please pass the link along.

    1.'re not discussing it, Ben. It's clearly a group dedicated to hammering D&D: A Documentary and its makers.

      Here, let me quote you:
      "I think that when one individual, Anthony Savini, seems intent on stopping The Great Kingdom from even happening, and that he is the only one clearly wanting us to choose one documentary OR the other, not both, you shouldn't get surprised if feelings get raw and things backfire in his direction. Who else but him wants one of the documentaries to be dead and buried? So at some point, it's all fine and good to sue and all that, but you must own your own actions -- there are consequences to what you do, and consequences besides litigations. If one wants to destroy one or the other documentary, I'll be standing against that person's agenda, because I want BOTH to happen. I know my feelings in this regard are mirrored by other people in this group, Victoria Ricks Perren-Cserep included."

      So it is less a discussion, and more an echo chamber.