Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Free RPG Day 2016

Just a quick take on the Free RPG Day 2016. This time, Joseph Goodman forced me into the situation where I had to bring along my entire family. Why? Well...

While Goodman Games put out one item for Free RPG Day 2016, it was actually several different things for me to acquire - because he put a different cover on them; five different covers to be exact. This meant I had to get five things. The only barrier being that the rule at Games Plus (I'm not sure what it is elsewhere) is two items per person.

Since last week was my birthday, and the day after Free RPG Day 2016 was Father's Day, I had a little pull within the family unit. So my son and I drove down early in the morning (Games Plus opens at 10:00 AM on Saturdays - we were there somewhat earlier) and started the line. A while later, my wife and daughter joined us. However, being conscientious of others in line, they went to the end of the line.

Now there were four of us! This meant we could get up to eight things! 8 > 5! I win!

So it was that we were able to grab one of each of the covers...and a couple extra for good measure. But the last item I received was a die - I was worried that there might not be too many more of the Goodman Games items and I didn't want to clean them out. Turns out, they hadn't unpacked everything - so there was plenty to go around.

I know this because, aside from FREE STUFF, one of the reasons I go to Free RPG Day is to support Games Plus. I've been going to Games Plus since it was on the other side of the tracks (something like 35 years or however long they've been open). It truly is one of the great FLGS left in the country.

So we stayed and shopped for about an hour or so. My daughter, who is slowly getting a couple of her friends into playing, bought them each a set of dice and a little dice bag. My wife found a set of dice she has deemed the "Captain Amercia Set". My son decided he wanted to pull the trigger on a starter set for Flames of War. I found a couple of old d20 books on deities and cults and such - as that is something I'm focusing on developing for our little campaign world - for only a couple of bucks each.

So this was our final tally for Free RPG Day 2016 (minus the d20 books which I forgot to get in the pic):

I wish I could have stayed to play or run something - but we had friends coming over later on Saturday to play DCC in what is becoming our regular Saturday Night Game...more on that later.


  1. If I recall correctly, there are ~10 of each item shipped to each FLGS. I count 7 in your photograph. You (the line starter) apparently waltzed in and grabbed 70% of the DCC RPG collection before anyone else had a chance to even consider it?

    Poor form, Jim. So much for introducing new players to the system.

  2. Thanks...Anonymous. If you're going to slam me without knowing details, you could at least use your real name. Poor Form, Anonymous.

    Truth is, I expected as much.

    If anyone of consequence wishes for me to go into the details of why I can justify my actions, I'll be glad to expound.

  3. You do not need to justify your actions, Jim Skach. Your family has 4 gamers, you got 5 modules...not a big deal. Retailers received 10 of those modules *per kit*. Many FLGSs buy multiple kits. Mine, for example, bought two or three (the stack of GG modules was much larger than 10, because it took me a bit to fish out Sezrekan). Finally, to my knowledge, GG last few FRPGD offerings have been released for sale at a very reasonable price a few months after the event. I bet the same thing will happen for this one.

  4. I never raised an eyebrow when reading the post, but maybe that's because I know you and the family a little more than most. There are plenty floating around right now, and chances are, anyone showing up for one is also on the G+ forums, which means they know folks have extras.

  5. My thanks, gentlemen. You have each hit upon a reason among the many. A) Games Plus had, I think, three boxes (I stood next to Curt while he was opening them and putting stuff out on the big blue table). By my calculations there were at least 30 to give away. B) The two extras I grabbed were/are to be for others who were, long prior to FRPGD, already voicing dismay for not being near a participating FLGS.

  6. Jebus Crickets, anyone criticizing the legitimacy of your kids as gamers should have to face off with your daughter in a DCC tournament sometime. Not for the faint of heart! They are hardcore. They are building their own collections to share with their friends present and future too.