Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Heart of LokiCon - Friday Night

People arrived, bottles of alcohol were opened, and the weekend settled into its pattern.

The first evening consisted mainly of board and dice games. The first game I recall playing was Bang! This is a card game where you take on one of four roles - Sheriff, Deputy, Bandit, and...Psychopath or something like that. There are different win conditions for each (for example, The Bandits win if the Sheriff is killed while the deputy wins if the bandits are killed and the Sheriff survives). You keep your role secret from the other players who have to deduce your role through your actions. There are all kinds of cards that determine things, most notable the Bang! and Miss! cards that you play to essentially take shots at other players. Lots of fun. I was a Bandit....we won...

Then we played werewolf. This was hilarious. This is the game with other names (and genres) like Mafia. Everyone picks a card that determines if they are a Villager, a Werewolf, or the Seer. Each night we all go to sleep (close our eyes). Then the werewolves awaken (the Mayor, the title of the person running the game, tells them to) and they choose a victim. Unfortunately for that poor soul, when they awaken (are allowed to open their eyes) the victim's card is taken and they are out of the game. If the Seer survives, they are also allowed a time to open their eyes, point at another player, and get feedback from the Mayor as to whether the player is a Victim or Werewolf. Unfortunately for us, the Seer kept getting killed...because, you see, there's one more wrinkle. Each morning, after the werewolves' victim is removed from the game, the remaining players (some of whom are Villagers and some of whom are Werewolves) get to accuse someone of being a Werewolf. The entire village votes and if there are enough "down" votes, the accused player is removed from the game...and the remaining players find out if the accused was innocent or a guilty. We played..I think three or four rounds of this game. It was a blast, fueled as it was, by this point, by copious amounts of alcohol.

By this time it was after 11 PM...I think close to 12:00 AM on Friday night. I had been awake since 5:30 AM on Thursday with only the short nap on the drive down (see first post). I was in a daze. So I called it quits. Six or eight of my companions decided to break out Trivial Pursuit. I honestly would have loved to play but just could not see me staying awake for the entire game. So I stumbled up to the loft and collapsed on my air mattress. I heard them playing Trivial Pursuit in the great room below and was worried I wouldn't be able to fall asleep - not because they were being loud, but because I feared my mind would start working on the answers and I would get vicariously hooked into playing. I grossly underestimated my fatigue....I'm not sure I even heard the first question and answer.

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