Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Stomach of LokiCon

I hated….simply loathed…losing any gaming time. But I had to pay the piper for the trip down. It was a small investment and worth it in the long run.

One of the things I had done was bring a metric crap ton of food. The list is as follows:
16 ¼-Pound Hamburger Patties
5 lbs Italian Sausage (hot!)
5 lbs Frozen Chicken Breasts.
2.5 lbs Bacon
8 lbs Fries
28 oz Garlic Bread
2 Bags Tortilla Chips
2 Bags Pretzels
2 Bags Potato Chips
1 pkg Oreos
2 Bags Animal Crackers
24 bottles water
24 bottles Propel

This is a small list compared to what diaglo brought. I think he got something like 15 dozen eggs, pounds and pounds of bacon, and a ton of other stuff. There was so much that the freezer did not have room for everything. So we put a bunch of ice in my cooler to keep my stuff chilled. This worked better than I hoped…but not everything made it. I think we went through just about all of what I brought except for a few things. Strithe brought his own chicken for his chef work, so that did not get touched. One bag of the animal crackers was left as was a bunch of the water and Propel. Fortunately, the chicken that made it until there was room in the freezer, so I was able to bring those back home.. The fries, however, did not fare so well, so I had to dump them on the trip home. I left the bacon behind for folks to enjoy on Monday morning and brought the left over water, Proper, and animal crackers home.

I bring this up because before I had allowed sleep to overtake me, diaglo and I had discussed cooking up that Italian sausage. When I woke, it had all been cooked up. There was a whole pan left – most everyone else ate while I was crashed. But I was able to wolf down a bunch. It was delicious. Asking around, it seemed that everyone enjoyed my sausage…


The nap brings one of my few regrets – the sleep did cost me a spot (I think) in the Old School Hack Fallout/Post Apoc game run by Rel. I played about 30 minutes of OSH when it was in the final stages of development in an online combat run through. I was interested to see it in a different genre and in the hands of a GM I know can run a good game. Alas, I’ll have to wait a bit longer for either/both…

I have to say, we ate really well. Things like BBQ Pulled Pork, Chili, and  a Rosemary Chicken dish (I never did get to taste) for dinner. Biscuits & gravy for breakfast with scrambled eggs and bacon. Hamburgers and Italian Sausage on the grill for lunch. All kinds of booze and soda to drink...chips, cookies, was awesome....

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