Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Mind of LokiCon - Nothing Left

Honestly, at this point, I’m beginning to forget what took place when. From the time I finished my lunch on Saturday onward, I played so many games that I have, in the interim, lost track of what I played when. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think I was wrong about Friday – I think I played Deadfellas on that first night…maybe before Werewolf? In fact, I know this to be true as there's a picture of me playing Deadfellas and I'm wearing my Friday-just-drove-all-day clothes.

So I think I'll take a different approach. Here are the games I know I played and likely when I played them.

Mammoth Vikings of Cowboy Peninsula - at least I think that is what it was called. This is Klint's game of Western with Magic based on girls in a school in the old west....girls who are really quite special. The resolution system is custom and pretty slick. Each player has a full deck of cards. When resolution is required, the player and the GM essentially play War - that is, cards are flipped and high card wins and on ties you do the old "One, Two, Three, War!" there are variations where you play three or five (or even seven) cards face down and the GM does the same and best of three (or five or seven) wins. This was loads of fun - particularly with Vermicious Knid playing Crazy Old Pete who loved sticks of dynamite. Played in this one on Saturday.

Call of Cthulu - The classic game of horror and going insane, with a true master at the helm, Keeper of Secrets.I played a 1920's Yankee Lawyer and we were in the Deep South. Keeper squicked us out with one the creepier portrayals of a disturbing NPC. It was a blast, even though I died in the end. With two dead and at least two others of questionable mental stability, the professor of the group (diaglo) did succeed and return to the University with the book. I think we played this on Sunday mid-day.

Dread - Zombie Apocalypse - Dread is an interesting game. I've only played a couple of times and I this second time really got me thinking...and arguing with Loki about it! In this scenario we were in the classic zombie apocalypse setting. We had started late waiting for the Archer Fiasco game to end so Rodrigo could run Dread for us and so, I think, ended a bit short. And many of use were drunk. This is the game that gave us the line "I'm here to eat Twinkies and have sex...and I'm all out of Twinkies." Played this Saturday night...I think.

In between these three RPG's, I played:
Dungeon x 2 (see Spleen)
Zombie Dice x 2 or x 3
Liars Dice...a lot. 

Deadfella’s is a card game where you are playing Zombie Mob dudes trying to Hit other Zombie Mob Dudes.  It was a decent game – but I remember when I was playing that I was having trouble focusing and getting into it..and now that I recall when I actually played - Friday - I know it was because I was dead tired. 

I can tell you this - of those non-RPG games, at least three have/will make their way into our house. For example, we've already played Lair's dice here with the kids (substituting "Show 'em" instead of the expletive used in the adult version). I've explained the Zombie Dice to the kids and they keep asking when we will get it, and Dungeon will likely be under the Christmas Tree...

Games I wished I'd played? I missed out on some BSG, and apparently Lord of Waterdeep is supposed to be pretty good. I also would have liked to try Ticket to Ride...and they used some Monster expansion this time that seemed to impress at least one Dad in the crowd. Lastly, as I mentioned before, I'm still going to get into a Post Apoc game Rel runs. But I feel overly greedy for even mentioning these things given the bounty of fun and friends I got to experience...

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